Homie J's best of 2010.

So this is Christmas! And the year is soon not more than a memory, so I will try to summarize this year as I remember it. I will try to pick the best music the best nights and the best people, and put them in a "best of" list. I hope that you will continue to wisit this blog 2011, I will try to make interesting posts and bla bla bla.

My blog was born in April. I had just abandoned my engineering studies and had nothing to do during the long lonley days, except of listening to music. I started my blog inspired by MRTN STHLM BEAT who became a big DJ because of his Electro Blog. I hadn't met MRTN then but I have now, and he is a really great humble guy. Anyhow. The best thing i did for the blog in April was to interview mister Indie-Techno himself Harald Björk read it HERE. Recently he Released his new Album "Bigfiled" and a Video to the track "Din".

Harald Björk - Din from Harald Björk on Vimeo.

In May I was dreaming about the Sónar festival quite alot, I started to chat with a guy in Berlin, Niclas Stanik, when I all of a sudden, slept over in his apartment in Neuköln. I was also Planning my Club "Täkkno" at the avenue "Satin" in my hometown Örebro, And thanks to JONAS BRAVO my dreams became reality. Jonas is Örebro's biggest Club promoter, but also a good producer. He made a mashup with the two tracks "One" and "we are your friends" that MRTN played at EMMABODA FESTIVALEN.

The best thing I did on the blog was to Interview La Fleur. She is magic. And I also posted DJ Nibc's best mixtape (in my opinion, I've listen to it atleast 100 times.) "Berlin Beats & Tansfläsche"


Summer! Berghain -> Sónar -> Amsterdam, came home broke and Happy, had two free days and then I started to work. My Club "Täkkno" had its first night. Where DAVID EKENBÄCK played. MARTIN BUTTRICH released his Album "Crash Test" and TIEFSCHWARZ released "Chocolate".


In July I was not that active. But one great thing happened. My friends Niclas Stanik and Johan Påhlman aka FULAST competed in the SECRET ISLAND mixtape competition and won! woho!


In August I moved back to Linköping and started to study Sounds!
The best thing i did on the blog was to Interview PAUL COTTAM. And Dorisburg released "Sinai Hypnosis".


September was a black month, Bar were 25 closing.


I don't know what happened in October, maybe I was sad beacuse of the autumn. But i can talk a bit about Sweden and the people who do stuff that everybody else is just dreaming about. I am talking about the new swedish labels, Power Plant Records,Aniara Recordings , Geography Records and Studio Barnhus. read about them and listen to everything they give out!


In October John Roberts released his Album "Glass Eights" but i didn't realised that before November. It is a really good Album.



Christmas carols and snow! and I discovered Smallpeople!

And I released the "messed Up Mood Mixtape"

I Have surley forgotten to write about stuff that I should have written about. Anyway, Right now I am Looking forward to 2011 and the spring sooo much, with a trip to Berlin, gig offers, Hosting a Club night, great friends and good music.

Take Care

/Homie J


Aniara Recordings

I am fond of my records and my iTunes library, I am fond of my recordbag. But two releases from one label is impossible to get. I missed the limited Vinyls and It is so frustrating because I LOVE the tracks! The Label I am talking about is Aniara Recordings. I've talked about them before. With two releases, one by Dorisburg and one by Genius Of Time, Swedish quality. I want both so much! AAAAAAAAAAAAH Santa, Do your thang, please. One thing is for sure, I won't miss the third release.


Beats In Space

Superpitcher performed at the last Beats in Space show, hosted by Tim Sweeney!

Reggie Dokes - Walk In Deepness

It is something wrong with the html, fucking blogger..


Soulphiction - Some Things Remain

Hello, I've been a bit bad on update, I am sorry for that. I've been working with a project in school and it is soon deadline. Yesterday I was in Stockholm to make an interview with a guy working with sounds in videogames at a place called Avalance Studios. I also had time to visit my favourite shop in Stockholm, FADE RECORDS and buy some christmas presents for myself. one of the vinyls i bought was Soulphiction; Some Things Remain. with a real Panorama bar A side. I hope you like it!

/Homie J


I am pretty sure that I am going to Berlin and visit this festival taking place 1-6 February. cutting-edge artworks, breathtaking live performances and leading artists, thinkers and activists from around the world sounds promising and interesting. If I go I go with Interesting and nice people as well, so I am looking forward to the trip.

P.s. I hope to meet you at Berghain February 6th Sunday afternoon!

/Homie J




First of all I'd like to say that thier is no "Various Artist" release like the Kompakt Total 11, I can listen to it over and over again. The Second thing I want to say is: everybody who lives in LKPG keep your fingers crossed because things are happening!

/Homie J


Omar S - Tecky Alexander

THIS IS THE FUCKING BOMB! 2 years old and I've never heard it. shame on me. thanks to Oscar Villata who made me hear it!

/Homie J

Minilogue - Jakata (B side)

/Homie J

Sankt Göran

One of the Mercury Residents Sankt Göran, recorded live. House!

/Homie J



/Homie J

Keytars and Violins

One of the blogs in my Friends/Recommendations menu is called Keytars and Violins, a really good blog where I sometimes find the most beautiful tracks! And now mister KandV himself has made a podcast, have a listen!

/Homie J


Arvid Zimmer

Arvid Zimmer aus Neubrandenburg sent me this. "here is some DEEP hrhr dub tech stuff for you, hope you like it :) greets arvid" I liked it!


One of my friends told me this story. Now it's on RA, read about the abandoned amusementpark. It's a crazy story!


fucking dOP!

How come I the big blogger wasn't invited to this rooftop?

New Media Meeting

It's been a busy weekend so I am sorry that I haven't updated in a while!

/Homie J


Facade Printer

Yesterday I picked this funny guy up at Arlanda Airport, Facade Printer He's called. Today I am looking forward to see him in action. He was worried that the paintballs would freeze in this cold climate and that wouldn't be cool. Anyway New Media Meeting Festival all day!

/Homie J


Friend of a friend is my friend

Hello! I've been shoveling snow since tree am so I'm I am kind of exhausted. But "Fulast" friend Alexander Blacker sent me this little mixtape. And it's lovley! Listen and start follow him on Soundcloud!

Now I am going to eat my Pizza and then fall to heavily sleep. because I might have a gig on friday, yey!

/Homie J

P.s Soon 300 likes on the Facebook page thank you for the support!


"Everybody needs a hobby"

Taron Trekka

Taron is two nice guys who makes nice music but if you don't buy vinyls it's quite hard to hear all their compositions. but today when I visited my own iTunes and the Podcast page, I saw that Freude am Tanzen (the label Taron Trekka releases thier stuff on) had uploaded a Taron Trekka Podcast! So what I think that you want to do is to visit Freude Am Tanzen and start prenumerating on their podcast and download Taron Trekka's and then listen to it.

TO THE FREUDE AM TANZEN PODCAST PAGE! (The Taron Trekka Pod is number 7)

/Homie J


Homie J

Hello, I hope you have listen to the mixCD that i posted this morning! I want to tell you that I am playing this Friday first in a store called "Sportif Unlimited" between 19-22 and then in the restaurant part of "NH" for as long as I stand. I hope to see you there!

Masomenos - Balloons

I came across the Mix CD by Masomenos thanks to my friend Johan Påhlman yesterday. It is the best mix cd I have heard in a long time! So everybody who finds it give it a close listen beacuse it is insanely good!!!

woho! I hate Spotify, but I found the mix CD BALLOONS enjuy!

Good morning

/Homie J


Homie J

Hello I want you to listen to a thing that I am working on, It will only be avaliable for a couple of days. You make me happy if you leave feedback!

/Homie J



Hello, I've not been so good to update this blog and I am sorry for that, must be the chilly dark autumn nights that gets me turned off, and my lack of money that makes me work 6-12 saturday sunday. but i will start update again i hope, maybe tell you about my own productions.

/Homie J


Dj Nibc recorded live at 'The Eye' & BAR25!!!

You know that i like Nibc's mixtape "Berlin Beats & Tanzfläsche" that I've Posted earlier. Here is another one! Live recorded at the club The Eye in Gothenburg. march this year. The opening track isa favourite of mine, I have posted it here some month ago. it's Fallen Hero by NUfrequency in an MCDE Remix. Luvit!


/Homie J

Blagger - Yours & Mine EP (Perspectiv Records 003)

/Homie J


dOP, Nôze,Half Orphan

John Roberts

Hello! I have a tip, yey! It is a guy named John Roberts, RA wrote about him a few days ago, so some of you maybe already have checked him up, but for you who hasn't! his music is slow and dirty detroit smelling house. I love the track Pruned on his Mirror EP. I've removed my track from soundcloud. I felt it had to be worked on.

/Homie J



Yeah that's right. Almost everything is confirmed. Sometime soon I will give you more information about this project I've been working on for a few months. What I can tell you is that the club is going to be in Linköping and that we are a great nerdy crew behind it! I've found so much great music the last few days, I will upload some on Vimeo and post it here too, so stay tuned! I can also tell you that I've got another good Interview coming sooon. love you!

/Homie J


Bar 25

/ Homie J


Hey! I have got a tip for you music lovers. Bar 25 in Berlin closed some time ago and my friend Niclas Stanik who lives in Berlin sent me a link to a site from where you can download ALL the closing sets. the download is pretty slow but the range is GREAT! so take a look and see i it's something you like!

P.s. if you Like my blog, feel free to invite your friends to the Facebook page!

/Homie J


Power Plant Records...

...Is being Remixed! It's the track "Flowerhead" from the Flowerhead EP that's being remixed by Spencer Parker! LaFleur's Music remixed or not, always leaves a smile on my lips. thanks!



Geography Records.

Geography records is a newly started Swedish Vinyl only label, with headquarters in Malmö, run by Oscar Villata and Adam Lundberg . I Highly recommend you to visit their myspace and take a listen. On their first release we will find the Gothenburg based Iraq/Finland/ Macedonia-duo Shakarchi & Stranéus who have been producing music in varios bedrooms and a resturant-wardrobe since october 2008. if you want to order that black gold visit Juno. I have great expectations on forthcoming releases and as soon as I hear something more about the 002 I will tell you!

I am really in love with them new Swedish independent labels like Power-plant, Aniara and of course Geography records, because they stand for everything that I like, and they do everything that I want to do some day too. thank you guys and girl for being my inspiration.

/Homie J



Short film with accompanying music from Röyksopp's album Senior coming soon! I like good music videos.

/ Homie J



I was out dancing yesterday. It was a guy called Daniel Savio who performed live with his AKAI MPC 1000, MFB Synth and a korg kaossilator + some other stuff. Anyway, He performed music from a genre called Skwee that not so many know about. The genre Skwee comes from Sweden and Finland and this is also where the biggest Labels have their headquarters, "Flogsta Danshall" from Sweden and "Harmönia" from Finland. Daniel Savio was actually the first one to call what he was doing for Skwee, because of how they Skqueeses out the sounds from thier Vintage Syntheshizers. When i frist heard a Skwee track i called it Swedish dubstepkindof.. Because of its "Slownessss". I think it is very good and interesting so that is why I am now about to post a SKWEE track or two. If you want to listen to more skwee Visit THIS.

/ Homskwee J

Genius Of Time - Same Old Place

One of the tracks from Aniara recordings first release. the visuals was made for this years Way out West festival in Gothenburg.

/ Homie J


FET ET MOI - Paris is for lovers

I Am listening to the latest P3 DANS radio show. When the host LAFLEUR Plays this! F*CKING AWESOME BOOTLEG.


Axel Boman - Purple Drank

Exclusive just for you! you doesn't find this track anywhere else. Axel Boman Performed at this years Sónar festival (Barcelona edition) and this track is from his latest EP on Pampa records "Holy Love".

/Homie J


Aniara releases 02 tomorrow!

tomorrow the 30th of August The Magnificent Gothenburg based Label and sound system Aniara do their second release! And it is a good one.

Buy the 12" : CLONE


/Homie J


Kompakt Compilation 11

Hello I just want to share a link for you who havent seen it alreadyKompakt - Compilation 11 I lite the track called Mensch und Maschine by Jürgen Paape with all those small lovley samples! mmmmh!

/Homie J


Sankt Göran - Unwanted mix.

I visited this site called soundcloud. And one of my friends had just uploaded a new mixtape. So I am thinking that you blog-readers might want to listen?

Sankt Göran - Unwanted mix

Sankt Göran's Soundcloud & Myspace

P.S If you are in Berlin this sunday you can see him live when he plays at BAR25!!!

/Homie J


Ripperton 1976

Hey from now on my lazy ass summer is done. I will start to update more often and give you some good stuff again. I hope the Cottam interview was ok. I've got another one coming up in a while. but let's start listening to this track from Ripperton, I think it's amazing and I'll play it tonight at my gig. so here it is Ripperton - 1976.

/Homie J


This is Paul Cottam

finally a new interview on HELIOS. I Hope that you will find it interesting. I am very proud to give you, Paul Cottam!

Who are you?
Paul Cottam, dad, music head and occassional dabbler in making beats.

What have you been doing the last five years?
For the last five years I've just really be getting on with life. I have 3 children ages 1, 10 and 13 so much of my time is taken up being a dad. Also staying at home a lot. Me and my partner were saving up to buy a house which we moved into a couple of years ago. Obviously through the five years I've been buying loads of vinyl and spinning them at home when I get chance. I packed my decks away with a view to giving up dj'ing so had to do something to satisfy my music habit, this is when I started messing round making ruff drafts of tracks. I sent the tracks to an old contact, Jack Revill, at the disrtributers "Rub A Dub" and that was the start of my sudden increase in dj work. I then joined the Warm Music agency and at the moment just trying to balance the music work with family life.

How would you describe your style?
I haven't got a clue. Mid tempo to slow,groove based stuff, haha!

What is your inspiration when you produce your music?

Experences inspire me, be it people, music, a drunken night out, films, food, the weather, I could go on and on and on...

(picture from RA)

How come Your "Break Through" didn't come until recently?

I don't know and don't really care. I'm just enjoy it! Thats what it is about music, I enjoy it, love it. Even if I hadn't had my minor success I'd still be enjoying music just like I have since my teenage years.

What's up in the near future?
Got some remixes coming out soon (Azari/Deep Space Orchestra/The Noodleman) and an original production. A few dj dates aswell, The Electric Frog in Glasgow, Bar25 in Berlin, Warm 11th Birthday in London and a few others. Gonna try get back into making some tracks as my time has been taken up with my 1 year old son.

Tell us about your best performance ever!?
I've got 2. My first is playing at Locked in Manchester. It was a few years ago now and I was on the same bill as a couple of my hero's (in techno) The Surgeon and Regis. They were doing there British Murder Boys dj thing. Was the first time I'd played my kinda techno to as proper crowd and got some great feedback off the crowd. The second was up in Glasgow in February this year. Monox at the Sub Club, Jackmaster and Seldom Felt were also playing and they were awesome. The crowd, the club, the vibe, everything was just right. Loved it, still get goosebumps thinking about it. My new fav club!

What's your favourite dish? Can you cook it yourself?
My fav dish has to be a thai red chicken curry. Yeah, I cook it myself but I don't do it completely from scratch, I use a ready made paste, bit of a cheat I know but saves time.

Thank you very very much Paul Cottam for taking the time. HELIOS will always love you and your music.

Paul Cottam on:

/ Homie J


Fulast - Havet Är Djupt

My Friends Niclas Stanik & Johan Påhlman is trying to get a gig at the Secret Island Nation Festival 2010 with thier mixtape "Havet Är Djupt". It's 55 minutes of Deep Pleasure.

If you like it Visit THIS event, attend and "like" "HAVET ÄR DJUPT".


/Homie J



Aniara is our record label and soundsystem. We release deep/fun stuff and set up our precious soundsystem in various locations 4 ur listening pleasure. BIG HUG!

That is their presentation on Facebook. The guys Behind is Fabian Bruhn and Erik Svensson from Gothenburg. I LOVE their first Release. I think you might do that to. Take a LISTEN

/Homie J


Cocoon - Compilation J

I am bad at blog-posting at the moment. Because of my bad Internet and my worse 6-15 work. I hope all of you who read this blog from time to time are feeling good. Last Friday was the opening night for mine and Louise Johansson's club Täkkno. David Ekenbäck's Performance was really good and I feel that we took Örebro and Satin to a new level. And we will continue at the same track the 16th of July when our second night takes place. The Guests is Göran Dahlström and Cazuma Mori, I have great expectations.

Sankt Göran:


at last I want to tip you about the newly released Cocoon - Compilation J, with The best of Cocoon.

/Homie J

P.s I will post more regularly onwards so keep visit this shy little blog!


La Fleur - Flowerhead EP

two very nice little videos from her new amazing EP! This was a very good thing for my first post after my vacation. yummy!

/Homie J



I am in Barcelona. Sònar starts Tomorrow. I will try do make a great blogpost tomorrow!

/Homie J



11th of June is the last THE EYE night ever. Damn I've never got a chance to visit. but maybe maybe I have a chance this summer to see them, ok just rubbles but still a bit of THE EYE. Maybe they will perform on TÄKKNO in Örebro, time will tell!

/Homie J

Tiefschwarz - Chocolate

Tiefschwarz first full-length since their "Eat Books" Album from 2005, is in my opinion good. It is kind of dark and dub influenced and it is never getting boring. The Vocals is mystical, slow and a bit creepy but very tasteful, just like... Chocolate.


Immer 3/Freiland Klaviermusik

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I was excited about the two kompakt releases by Michael Mayer and Wolfgang Voigt. Maybe to excited because they did not meet my expectations. ofcourse some of the tracks on the releases was pretty good. but if you want to listen to Michael Mayer choose Immer, his first mix-cd released in 2002. But do not mistrust, Tomorrow I am going to write what I think about the new Tiefschwarz album "Chocolate".

/Homie J


Marek Hemmann - In Between


Yes I know this is not a new album, it is about a year. released on the Imprint Freude am Tanzen.
The Album is Defensive but intensive and the red line seems to be a "building feeling" that works its way into you. It is perfect on a summer pre-party!

/Homie J

Making of, Cadenza Vagabundos


Michael Mayer - Immer 3

June 7th is a good day. Michael Mayer will release his holy mix CD on Kompakt. I have not got hold of it yet, but I can not wait to hear it. On the same day Kompakt is also releasing Wolfgang Voigt's Freiland Klaviermusik.



The Opening night is getting closer, and we have already confirmed one of our bookings (wich is a really good one!) But no one confirmed at the Opening Night though.I am really looking forward to this summer and this club because i feel that we are doing something that no one in Örebro have done before. Let us just hope that it turns out alright. I am a bit off at the moment, so be patience you music connoisseurs!

/Homie J


Martin Buttrich - Crash Test


when I listen to this Album I want to explode I want to dance I want to run faster than Usain Bolt. It is really really moving and after 2 minutes on the opening track I am stuck I mean really stuck! The best track I think is "I'm going there one day". Lovely from the beginning to the end, listen until your ears bleed.

/Homie J

Ramon Tapia

Ramon Tapia - Mi Esposa

/Homie J


LaFleur - Veris EP (Melomane 009)

LaFleur is burning! new label, and 2 (!) EP releases at the same day. Flowerhead (exclusively on Vinyl, 300 copies) and this Veris EP on the dutch imprint Melomane. I've had the benefit to be able listen to it for a couple of days and my feeling tells me this. It's quite minimal and laidback but at the same time irresistibly groovey and "forward" in its nature. The Alexi Delano remix is good but I prefer Veris in its original shape. Nuf' said! listen for your selves.

/Homie J

Anti VJ @ Visualiseringscenter C, Norrköping

This was pretty Amazing. This 11 minutes took a month for the five guys in Anti VJ to do.
I loved how they played with the surface and light to add another dimension to the wall, and also how the visuals and the music was collaborating. Every bit of the music was also a light on the wall. The first part they do is a map over Norrköping and Linköping.

Visualiseringar: Romain Tardy, Simon Geilfus, Joanie Lemercier och Yannick Jacquet. Musik: Laurent Deforge. Producent: Nicolas Boritch. Curators: Lars Nordqvist och Peter Gahnström / Resistans.


Roland M. Dill - Baked Potato (Trapez 108)

Sunday goodies

Skwee, House och Techno. Eero Johannes, Code 718/Henrik Schwarz och DK7. pretty defensive but yet intensive tracks. i hope and think that you will be satisfied.

Code 718 - Equinox (Henrik Schwarz Dub) this one here is a favourite of mine.

Yes, one more thing, I am trying to figure out who I am about to Interview the next time so if you have any ideas or wishes. Make a comment or send me an electronic-mail!

Love Homie J


Beats In Space

I got some really good stuff for you today. I have just woken up after a great night and sat downto surf my regular sites. But today I ran into someting extra special. Beats in Space is a Radio Show mixed live by Tim Sweeney and his guests in NYC on the channel WNYU 89.1 FM. And the latest guest is Prosumer. He don't need any further presentation. I am listening to the show right now and the Interview is good, the music is really good too. So I really think Beats In Space is worth a listen!

/Homie J


Applescal - Ugly But Nasty


This Saturday I'm going to see Anti VJ. I've got sky-high expectations!


This summer HELIOS will be a part of the club TÄKKNO @ Satin in Örebro. The dates is set to:

18th June.

16th July.

13th August.

Bookings TBA.

DJ Nibc - Berlin Beats und Tanzfläsche

I will only tell you that my feelings for this Mixtape is true Love. I can listen to it over and over and over again and it never gets boring.


Interview with LaFleur!

I am very proud to be able to present this interview with the Producer/DJ/Label Manager LaFleur here on my blog. It means a lot to me that she took the time to answer my questions. I hope that all of you likes it as much as I do!

You are born and raised in Örebro. When did the dancemusic caught your
attention and when did you start to do more than listen to it?

My love for dancemusic comes from many years of dancing; ballett, salsa, oriental dance and more. All my dance classes made me very interested in movement to music and when I found electronic dance music, it all came together.
I've also as far as I can remember had a will to mission the music I love, so djing and music production has came as a natural step.

Your career started to spin off in Stockholm and you started the DJ duo Housewives with Adeline Supreme. Do you work together on something else except the radio show ”P3 Dans” on Swedish national radio? I wonder because you are living far from each other, you in Berlin and she lives in Stockholm.

I would say my dj career started to spin off in Stockholm already 2004 when I and a friend got the oppurtunity to start a club night at one of Stockholms best night clubs called Berns. It was called Sunday Secrets and was held Sunday nights. After that I held recidencys at different night clubs, most special to me was legendary Grodan Cocktail Club. After a few years of touring both national and international I started the dj duo Housewives together with Adeline, and in Stockholm we held club nights with the same name. Beside the radio show, we are still djing and now also producing together. Even though we are living in different cities we have many projects and interests in common that brings us togheter to continue and evolve the Housewives project.

After Stockholm you moved to Berlin. Do you like it there? And on wich way have the relocation affected your musicality?

Yes I do! From the begining my plan was to stay in Berlin only for three months.. I got 3 months leave of absecensce from my day job as a pharmacisist and moved here to get inspiration in everyday life and to focus on my music productions. Now, two and a half years later, Berlin, with it's cultural underground movement is still a big source for inspiration. My move to Berlin, which also ment that I had to quit my job as pharmacist, has given me time, opportunity and inspiration to evolve creativly.

Right now you are up to date with your newly started record label Power Plant Records and you are releasing the first EP in the end of this month. What was it that prompted you to start your own label?

To start my own imprint has been on my mind for quite a while, but now I finaly felt the time was right. The first release is a 2-track EP from me as La Fleur and will only be available on vinyl, limited 300 copies. The beautiful cover artwork is made by the fantastic German illustrator and painter Olaf Hajek.

When you have released your Flowerhead EP what are you doing then? What is your next aim?

I'm really happy to finally get started with my new imprint Power Plant, where the Flowerhead EP will be released 31st of May. Look forward to continuous work with the label which will be a new creative outlet.
31st of May I'm also releasing another EP called Veris, on dutch label Melomane. It's a three track EP and one of the tracks comes with an Alexi Delano remix. So I'm very excited about that too!
More music and collaborations are on the go and I'm looking forward to share that with you in the near future. I'm also just started working on a live set that will be a fun and inspiring challenge and a nice complement to my dj sets.

(photos By Norman Cavazzana)


/Homie J



Interview time!

I am wery happy to announce that I will present a new interesting interview tomorrow. DO NOT MISS!

/Homie J



.. was great! The place was overcrowded with happy people and the weather was perfect for a set outside.


Evening preparations.

Made a new t-shirt. It is summer outside, so i think that my set is going to be filled with love and warmth!

/Homie J


I've heard some rumors that Helios is going to do a shy little DJ set on SWEAT/DIN MAMMA @ NH tonight. I hope that all of you who hear it will enjoy. It's going to be a technolovesummer kind of set. see you tonight.


Cuidad De Luz..

..Is the name on Lucien-N-Lucianos new EP. It gives me summery spanish vibes, sometimes the sound reminds me of Santana. buy it on BEATPORT or visit his Lucianos MYSPACE

Lucien-N-Luciano - Behind my soul


This is a good opportunity for all of you to do something good. DANCE this friday to tons of good music and with tons of awesome people!

/Homie J

The Song of the day...

... Comes from Sweden, Cloud - Innocence (Featuring Lucien Etori), It's a massive groovey dark heavy track. LISTEN.

And wisit Cloud's MYSPACE for moore