LaFleur - Veris EP (Melomane 009)

LaFleur is burning! new label, and 2 (!) EP releases at the same day. Flowerhead (exclusively on Vinyl, 300 copies) and this Veris EP on the dutch imprint Melomane. I've had the benefit to be able listen to it for a couple of days and my feeling tells me this. It's quite minimal and laidback but at the same time irresistibly groovey and "forward" in its nature. The Alexi Delano remix is good but I prefer Veris in its original shape. Nuf' said! listen for your selves.

/Homie J

Anti VJ @ Visualiseringscenter C, Norrköping

This was pretty Amazing. This 11 minutes took a month for the five guys in Anti VJ to do.
I loved how they played with the surface and light to add another dimension to the wall, and also how the visuals and the music was collaborating. Every bit of the music was also a light on the wall. The first part they do is a map over Norrköping and Linköping.

Visualiseringar: Romain Tardy, Simon Geilfus, Joanie Lemercier och Yannick Jacquet. Musik: Laurent Deforge. Producent: Nicolas Boritch. Curators: Lars Nordqvist och Peter Gahnström / Resistans.


Roland M. Dill - Baked Potato (Trapez 108)

Sunday goodies

Skwee, House och Techno. Eero Johannes, Code 718/Henrik Schwarz och DK7. pretty defensive but yet intensive tracks. i hope and think that you will be satisfied.

Code 718 - Equinox (Henrik Schwarz Dub) this one here is a favourite of mine.

Yes, one more thing, I am trying to figure out who I am about to Interview the next time so if you have any ideas or wishes. Make a comment or send me an electronic-mail!

Love Homie J


Beats In Space

I got some really good stuff for you today. I have just woken up after a great night and sat downto surf my regular sites. But today I ran into someting extra special. Beats in Space is a Radio Show mixed live by Tim Sweeney and his guests in NYC on the channel WNYU 89.1 FM. And the latest guest is Prosumer. He don't need any further presentation. I am listening to the show right now and the Interview is good, the music is really good too. So I really think Beats In Space is worth a listen!

/Homie J


Applescal - Ugly But Nasty


This Saturday I'm going to see Anti VJ. I've got sky-high expectations!


This summer HELIOS will be a part of the club TÄKKNO @ Satin in Örebro. The dates is set to:

18th June.

16th July.

13th August.

Bookings TBA.

DJ Nibc - Berlin Beats und Tanzfläsche

I will only tell you that my feelings for this Mixtape is true Love. I can listen to it over and over and over again and it never gets boring.


Interview with LaFleur!

I am very proud to be able to present this interview with the Producer/DJ/Label Manager LaFleur here on my blog. It means a lot to me that she took the time to answer my questions. I hope that all of you likes it as much as I do!

You are born and raised in Örebro. When did the dancemusic caught your
attention and when did you start to do more than listen to it?

My love for dancemusic comes from many years of dancing; ballett, salsa, oriental dance and more. All my dance classes made me very interested in movement to music and when I found electronic dance music, it all came together.
I've also as far as I can remember had a will to mission the music I love, so djing and music production has came as a natural step.

Your career started to spin off in Stockholm and you started the DJ duo Housewives with Adeline Supreme. Do you work together on something else except the radio show ”P3 Dans” on Swedish national radio? I wonder because you are living far from each other, you in Berlin and she lives in Stockholm.

I would say my dj career started to spin off in Stockholm already 2004 when I and a friend got the oppurtunity to start a club night at one of Stockholms best night clubs called Berns. It was called Sunday Secrets and was held Sunday nights. After that I held recidencys at different night clubs, most special to me was legendary Grodan Cocktail Club. After a few years of touring both national and international I started the dj duo Housewives together with Adeline, and in Stockholm we held club nights with the same name. Beside the radio show, we are still djing and now also producing together. Even though we are living in different cities we have many projects and interests in common that brings us togheter to continue and evolve the Housewives project.

After Stockholm you moved to Berlin. Do you like it there? And on wich way have the relocation affected your musicality?

Yes I do! From the begining my plan was to stay in Berlin only for three months.. I got 3 months leave of absecensce from my day job as a pharmacisist and moved here to get inspiration in everyday life and to focus on my music productions. Now, two and a half years later, Berlin, with it's cultural underground movement is still a big source for inspiration. My move to Berlin, which also ment that I had to quit my job as pharmacist, has given me time, opportunity and inspiration to evolve creativly.

Right now you are up to date with your newly started record label Power Plant Records and you are releasing the first EP in the end of this month. What was it that prompted you to start your own label?

To start my own imprint has been on my mind for quite a while, but now I finaly felt the time was right. The first release is a 2-track EP from me as La Fleur and will only be available on vinyl, limited 300 copies. The beautiful cover artwork is made by the fantastic German illustrator and painter Olaf Hajek.

When you have released your Flowerhead EP what are you doing then? What is your next aim?

I'm really happy to finally get started with my new imprint Power Plant, where the Flowerhead EP will be released 31st of May. Look forward to continuous work with the label which will be a new creative outlet.
31st of May I'm also releasing another EP called Veris, on dutch label Melomane. It's a three track EP and one of the tracks comes with an Alexi Delano remix. So I'm very excited about that too!
More music and collaborations are on the go and I'm looking forward to share that with you in the near future. I'm also just started working on a live set that will be a fun and inspiring challenge and a nice complement to my dj sets.

(photos By Norman Cavazzana)


/Homie J



Interview time!

I am wery happy to announce that I will present a new interesting interview tomorrow. DO NOT MISS!

/Homie J



.. was great! The place was overcrowded with happy people and the weather was perfect for a set outside.


Evening preparations.

Made a new t-shirt. It is summer outside, so i think that my set is going to be filled with love and warmth!

/Homie J


I've heard some rumors that Helios is going to do a shy little DJ set on SWEAT/DIN MAMMA @ NH tonight. I hope that all of you who hear it will enjoy. It's going to be a technolovesummer kind of set. see you tonight.


Cuidad De Luz..

..Is the name on Lucien-N-Lucianos new EP. It gives me summery spanish vibes, sometimes the sound reminds me of Santana. buy it on BEATPORT or visit his Lucianos MYSPACE

Lucien-N-Luciano - Behind my soul


This is a good opportunity for all of you to do something good. DANCE this friday to tons of good music and with tons of awesome people!

/Homie J

The Song of the day...

... Comes from Sweden, Cloud - Innocence (Featuring Lucien Etori), It's a massive groovey dark heavy track. LISTEN.

And wisit Cloud's MYSPACE for moore


Perfuse EP

Fluxion - Perfuse
Fluxion - Wabbler

two wonderful tracks from Fluxion released on Echochord, buy the wole thing on BEATPORT if you like it!

/Homie J


Plastic Bag

I know this isn't music or anything. But it's really worth to watch.

/Homie J



tonight was obviously a bpitchcontrol night

/Homie J

Ellen Allien my love

/Homie J

Swedish Quality

Just Because of my great love for the Swedish band "Studio" I'll show them for you. feel special.

Studio - Radio Edit

/Homie J


If someone knows the name of this Tiefschwarz track I would love to know! so if you do make a comment!

/ Homie J



Deetron - Cocoliche Session 2010 from R.fm at Letsmix.com


Today I've been composing drumpoems the whole day. I hope my producing will come to such a good level so I can post one of my own tracks here! But it will take a while. So you go ahead and listen to PPR-001 I'll catch up!


Ninca Leece - Feed Me Rainbows


Ninca Leece - Feed Me Rainbows (Original Mix)

/Homie J


I did also found a wery good EP today that I haven't got hold of yet... But BEATPORT has.

/Homie J

Dessous Best Kept Secret Volume 2.2

Today I came across this amazing Album. You can BUY the whole compilation or just be needle and download two of the tracks here!

Dan Berkson & James What - Keep on .Feat Robert Owens
Rene Breitbarth - Detective

/Homie J


P.s. I hate to post The Youtube player. Why can't just everybody put their videos on Vimeo? Sooo much better.

/Homie J


Power Plant Records

A new Label is born, Power Plant Records. And I am very excited to listen to their first release PPR001, LaFleur - Flowerhead EP. LaFleur is one of the biggest reasons that I started to play and dream and listen to this kind of music. I remember just a month after i turned 18 She played at "Satin" a Club i Örebro (Our common hometown) And i loved it! she opened with a special track that I will never forget, I've already posted it here but I'll do it again.

PPR001 Will be released 31/5. This Lovley artwork is done by Olaf Hajek.

/Homie J

Cottam my Love.

Paul Cottam from Preston. I love your music. I really do. I first read about you in that "Breaking through" article on Residentadvisor, I've been dancing ever since. And this mixtape It's wonderful! When I comes to a decent record store in Berlin. I'm going to buy eweryting with your name on.

/Homie J

Nosaj Thing



RESIDENTADVISOR have recently listed the Top ten June Festivals.


Sonar is arguably the most important electronic music festival in the world. The word has come to represent a catchall term for an entire four days worth of Barcelona-based debauchery, but at the core of the weekend is a spectacular dual location event, with an almost bloody-minded devotion to juxtaposing cutting-edge experimentalism, with tastefully selected headliners. The amount of noteworthy artists gracing this year's event are simply too numerous to cover here in full, but particular attention should be paid to Sonar By Day performances from Broadcast, Cluster, Elektro Guzzi, Pete Tong (!?), King Midas Sound and Nosaj Thing. Sonar By Night meanwhile, looks as strong as it's been in its 17-year history. Air, LCD Soundsystem, Plastikman, Flying Lotus and Hot Chip loom large over Friday; The Chemical Brothers, Roxy Music, Sandwell District, Zomby and Dizzee Rascal boss Saturday. 2010 also marks the opening of a simultaneous sister event in the northern Spanish city of A Coruña, with many of the heavy-hitters appearing in Catalonia also playing the Galicia event. We'll go out on a limb and say that the countless "off" Sonar events will serve-up something for almost every electronic music persuasion, which, also bearing in mind the festival's luxurious proximity to the beach, should only serve to reinforce to point we made at the outset.

RA pick: We're going with Mary Anne Hobbs. Her line-ups have consistently been the toast of the festival for years now.


/Homie J

P.s. everyone that's going,make a comment!


Stockholm Beat Connection

Finally up and running Swedens biggest musicblog. New design but same MRTN. lovely!


SIS - Lola EP

One of my favourite producers, SIS have recently released a new EP. Lola EP. If you are gentle and support my blog i will give it to you this Monday. Until then listen and BUY if you wants to support his excellent work! And If you like me as much as you did last night, start to follow me the HELIOS blog on TWITTER and FACEBOOK

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