Skudge Below/Phantom

hehe, Copy paste from Decks.de. that makes it not less true. I Love Skudge!

More killer output from the Skudge factory. Below is a brand new side of refined diva haunted techno, while Phantom bites like it was designed specifically to turn Berghain inside out..huge sound. TIP!

/Homie J


Time For A Change

I continue with my smootgroovemood day. Just got back from my last lecture. four days of total studying frenzy now awaits me. I have to nail the exam on friday. After that I have gigs both Friday and Saturday. It's going to be a great weekend! Next week i will be focusing on my mixtape for Klangextase.de and some producing.

/Homie J

Seuil & dOP - Prostitute (Visionquest Remix)

I read a friends blog yesterday. And my conclusion after doing so was that I from now on have to write more in my posts. Not just upload a Video and post it here. I can blame my bad English-writing confidence but the main reason that I am a man of few words is, LAZINESS. And I haven't done any posts about albums this year, also because of laziness perhaps. And thats bad because this last two months some great albums has been released. I will try to pull myself up a notch.Anyhooo I have always loved dOP, right now they are the ones I want to see live the most and if you want to read more about them do so HERE and listen to this track about a Prostitute when reading!

Love you /Homie J


Fulast - Vilse i Skogen

A new Mixtape from the burning hot DJ-duo Fulast! Hurray! you can see them in Sweden the 5th Mars @ Under Bron and the 25th Mars they're opening before Kollektiv Turmstraße (!!!) @ Inkonst, Malmö.


/Homie J

Manik - Pure Liquid

/Homie J

Solomun & Stimming

This is already a classic, released in -08 on Diynamic!

/Homie J



Without knowing I've been falling in love with the hamburg-based label Diynamic. I have frequently been playing their three latest releases, without knowing! They Release artists like David August, H.o.s.h, Stimming & Kollektiv Turmstraße. SO what i think you should do is to discover! wiho!

p.s. If you take a look at their earlier releases you'll find bombs, like the Solomun & Stimming Collabs. MAGICAL!

/Homie J


Oni Ayhun

this is such a Biutiful track! it is a closing track after a 10h set. MAGICAL!