Bar 25

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Hey! I have got a tip for you music lovers. Bar 25 in Berlin closed some time ago and my friend Niclas Stanik who lives in Berlin sent me a link to a site from where you can download ALL the closing sets. the download is pretty slow but the range is GREAT! so take a look and see i it's something you like!

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Power Plant Records...

...Is being Remixed! It's the track "Flowerhead" from the Flowerhead EP that's being remixed by Spencer Parker! LaFleur's Music remixed or not, always leaves a smile on my lips. thanks!



Geography Records.

Geography records is a newly started Swedish Vinyl only label, with headquarters in Malmö, run by Oscar Villata and Adam Lundberg . I Highly recommend you to visit their myspace and take a listen. On their first release we will find the Gothenburg based Iraq/Finland/ Macedonia-duo Shakarchi & Stranéus who have been producing music in varios bedrooms and a resturant-wardrobe since october 2008. if you want to order that black gold visit Juno. I have great expectations on forthcoming releases and as soon as I hear something more about the 002 I will tell you!

I am really in love with them new Swedish independent labels like Power-plant, Aniara and of course Geography records, because they stand for everything that I like, and they do everything that I want to do some day too. thank you guys and girl for being my inspiration.

/Homie J



Short film with accompanying music from Röyksopp's album Senior coming soon! I like good music videos.

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I was out dancing yesterday. It was a guy called Daniel Savio who performed live with his AKAI MPC 1000, MFB Synth and a korg kaossilator + some other stuff. Anyway, He performed music from a genre called Skwee that not so many know about. The genre Skwee comes from Sweden and Finland and this is also where the biggest Labels have their headquarters, "Flogsta Danshall" from Sweden and "Harmönia" from Finland. Daniel Savio was actually the first one to call what he was doing for Skwee, because of how they Skqueeses out the sounds from thier Vintage Syntheshizers. When i frist heard a Skwee track i called it Swedish dubstepkindof.. Because of its "Slownessss". I think it is very good and interesting so that is why I am now about to post a SKWEE track or two. If you want to listen to more skwee Visit THIS.

/ Homskwee J

Genius Of Time - Same Old Place

One of the tracks from Aniara recordings first release. the visuals was made for this years Way out West festival in Gothenburg.

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