Geography Records.

Geography records is a newly started Swedish Vinyl only label, with headquarters in Malmö, run by Oscar Villata and Adam Lundberg . I Highly recommend you to visit their myspace and take a listen. On their first release we will find the Gothenburg based Iraq/Finland/ Macedonia-duo Shakarchi & Stranéus who have been producing music in varios bedrooms and a resturant-wardrobe since october 2008. if you want to order that black gold visit Juno. I have great expectations on forthcoming releases and as soon as I hear something more about the 002 I will tell you!

I am really in love with them new Swedish independent labels like Power-plant, Aniara and of course Geography records, because they stand for everything that I like, and they do everything that I want to do some day too. thank you guys and girl for being my inspiration.

/Homie J

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