Homie J's best of 2010.

So this is Christmas! And the year is soon not more than a memory, so I will try to summarize this year as I remember it. I will try to pick the best music the best nights and the best people, and put them in a "best of" list. I hope that you will continue to wisit this blog 2011, I will try to make interesting posts and bla bla bla.

My blog was born in April. I had just abandoned my engineering studies and had nothing to do during the long lonley days, except of listening to music. I started my blog inspired by MRTN STHLM BEAT who became a big DJ because of his Electro Blog. I hadn't met MRTN then but I have now, and he is a really great humble guy. Anyhow. The best thing i did for the blog in April was to interview mister Indie-Techno himself Harald Björk read it HERE. Recently he Released his new Album "Bigfiled" and a Video to the track "Din".

Harald Björk - Din from Harald Björk on Vimeo.

In May I was dreaming about the Sónar festival quite alot, I started to chat with a guy in Berlin, Niclas Stanik, when I all of a sudden, slept over in his apartment in Neuköln. I was also Planning my Club "Täkkno" at the avenue "Satin" in my hometown Örebro, And thanks to JONAS BRAVO my dreams became reality. Jonas is Örebro's biggest Club promoter, but also a good producer. He made a mashup with the two tracks "One" and "we are your friends" that MRTN played at EMMABODA FESTIVALEN.

The best thing I did on the blog was to Interview La Fleur. She is magic. And I also posted DJ Nibc's best mixtape (in my opinion, I've listen to it atleast 100 times.) "Berlin Beats & Tansfläsche"


Summer! Berghain -> Sónar -> Amsterdam, came home broke and Happy, had two free days and then I started to work. My Club "Täkkno" had its first night. Where DAVID EKENBÄCK played. MARTIN BUTTRICH released his Album "Crash Test" and TIEFSCHWARZ released "Chocolate".


In July I was not that active. But one great thing happened. My friends Niclas Stanik and Johan Påhlman aka FULAST competed in the SECRET ISLAND mixtape competition and won! woho!


In August I moved back to Linköping and started to study Sounds!
The best thing i did on the blog was to Interview PAUL COTTAM. And Dorisburg released "Sinai Hypnosis".


September was a black month, Bar were 25 closing.


I don't know what happened in October, maybe I was sad beacuse of the autumn. But i can talk a bit about Sweden and the people who do stuff that everybody else is just dreaming about. I am talking about the new swedish labels, Power Plant Records,Aniara Recordings , Geography Records and Studio Barnhus. read about them and listen to everything they give out!


In October John Roberts released his Album "Glass Eights" but i didn't realised that before November. It is a really good Album.



Christmas carols and snow! and I discovered Smallpeople!

And I released the "messed Up Mood Mixtape"

I Have surley forgotten to write about stuff that I should have written about. Anyway, Right now I am Looking forward to 2011 and the spring sooo much, with a trip to Berlin, gig offers, Hosting a Club night, great friends and good music.

Take Care

/Homie J


Aniara Recordings

I am fond of my records and my iTunes library, I am fond of my recordbag. But two releases from one label is impossible to get. I missed the limited Vinyls and It is so frustrating because I LOVE the tracks! The Label I am talking about is Aniara Recordings. I've talked about them before. With two releases, one by Dorisburg and one by Genius Of Time, Swedish quality. I want both so much! AAAAAAAAAAAAH Santa, Do your thang, please. One thing is for sure, I won't miss the third release.


Beats In Space

Superpitcher performed at the last Beats in Space show, hosted by Tim Sweeney!

Reggie Dokes - Walk In Deepness

It is something wrong with the html, fucking blogger..


Soulphiction - Some Things Remain

Hello, I've been a bit bad on update, I am sorry for that. I've been working with a project in school and it is soon deadline. Yesterday I was in Stockholm to make an interview with a guy working with sounds in videogames at a place called Avalance Studios. I also had time to visit my favourite shop in Stockholm, FADE RECORDS and buy some christmas presents for myself. one of the vinyls i bought was Soulphiction; Some Things Remain. with a real Panorama bar A side. I hope you like it!

/Homie J


I am pretty sure that I am going to Berlin and visit this festival taking place 1-6 February. cutting-edge artworks, breathtaking live performances and leading artists, thinkers and activists from around the world sounds promising and interesting. If I go I go with Interesting and nice people as well, so I am looking forward to the trip.

P.s. I hope to meet you at Berghain February 6th Sunday afternoon!

/Homie J




First of all I'd like to say that thier is no "Various Artist" release like the Kompakt Total 11, I can listen to it over and over again. The Second thing I want to say is: everybody who lives in LKPG keep your fingers crossed because things are happening!

/Homie J


Omar S - Tecky Alexander

THIS IS THE FUCKING BOMB! 2 years old and I've never heard it. shame on me. thanks to Oscar Villata who made me hear it!

/Homie J

Minilogue - Jakata (B side)

/Homie J

Sankt Göran

One of the Mercury Residents Sankt Göran, recorded live. House!

/Homie J



/Homie J

Keytars and Violins

One of the blogs in my Friends/Recommendations menu is called Keytars and Violins, a really good blog where I sometimes find the most beautiful tracks! And now mister KandV himself has made a podcast, have a listen!

/Homie J