FET ET MOI - Paris is for lovers

I Am listening to the latest P3 DANS radio show. When the host LAFLEUR Plays this! F*CKING AWESOME BOOTLEG.


Axel Boman - Purple Drank

Exclusive just for you! you doesn't find this track anywhere else. Axel Boman Performed at this years Sónar festival (Barcelona edition) and this track is from his latest EP on Pampa records "Holy Love".

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Aniara releases 02 tomorrow!

tomorrow the 30th of August The Magnificent Gothenburg based Label and sound system Aniara do their second release! And it is a good one.

Buy the 12" : CLONE


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Kompakt Compilation 11

Hello I just want to share a link for you who havent seen it alreadyKompakt - Compilation 11 I lite the track called Mensch und Maschine by Jürgen Paape with all those small lovley samples! mmmmh!

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Sankt Göran - Unwanted mix.

I visited this site called soundcloud. And one of my friends had just uploaded a new mixtape. So I am thinking that you blog-readers might want to listen?

Sankt Göran - Unwanted mix

Sankt Göran's Soundcloud & Myspace

P.S If you are in Berlin this sunday you can see him live when he plays at BAR25!!!

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Ripperton 1976

Hey from now on my lazy ass summer is done. I will start to update more often and give you some good stuff again. I hope the Cottam interview was ok. I've got another one coming up in a while. but let's start listening to this track from Ripperton, I think it's amazing and I'll play it tonight at my gig. so here it is Ripperton - 1976.

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This is Paul Cottam

finally a new interview on HELIOS. I Hope that you will find it interesting. I am very proud to give you, Paul Cottam!

Who are you?
Paul Cottam, dad, music head and occassional dabbler in making beats.

What have you been doing the last five years?
For the last five years I've just really be getting on with life. I have 3 children ages 1, 10 and 13 so much of my time is taken up being a dad. Also staying at home a lot. Me and my partner were saving up to buy a house which we moved into a couple of years ago. Obviously through the five years I've been buying loads of vinyl and spinning them at home when I get chance. I packed my decks away with a view to giving up dj'ing so had to do something to satisfy my music habit, this is when I started messing round making ruff drafts of tracks. I sent the tracks to an old contact, Jack Revill, at the disrtributers "Rub A Dub" and that was the start of my sudden increase in dj work. I then joined the Warm Music agency and at the moment just trying to balance the music work with family life.

How would you describe your style?
I haven't got a clue. Mid tempo to slow,groove based stuff, haha!

What is your inspiration when you produce your music?

Experences inspire me, be it people, music, a drunken night out, films, food, the weather, I could go on and on and on...

(picture from RA)

How come Your "Break Through" didn't come until recently?

I don't know and don't really care. I'm just enjoy it! Thats what it is about music, I enjoy it, love it. Even if I hadn't had my minor success I'd still be enjoying music just like I have since my teenage years.

What's up in the near future?
Got some remixes coming out soon (Azari/Deep Space Orchestra/The Noodleman) and an original production. A few dj dates aswell, The Electric Frog in Glasgow, Bar25 in Berlin, Warm 11th Birthday in London and a few others. Gonna try get back into making some tracks as my time has been taken up with my 1 year old son.

Tell us about your best performance ever!?
I've got 2. My first is playing at Locked in Manchester. It was a few years ago now and I was on the same bill as a couple of my hero's (in techno) The Surgeon and Regis. They were doing there British Murder Boys dj thing. Was the first time I'd played my kinda techno to as proper crowd and got some great feedback off the crowd. The second was up in Glasgow in February this year. Monox at the Sub Club, Jackmaster and Seldom Felt were also playing and they were awesome. The crowd, the club, the vibe, everything was just right. Loved it, still get goosebumps thinking about it. My new fav club!

What's your favourite dish? Can you cook it yourself?
My fav dish has to be a thai red chicken curry. Yeah, I cook it myself but I don't do it completely from scratch, I use a ready made paste, bit of a cheat I know but saves time.

Thank you very very much Paul Cottam for taking the time. HELIOS will always love you and your music.

Paul Cottam on:

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