La Fleur - Flowerhead EP

two very nice little videos from her new amazing EP! This was a very good thing for my first post after my vacation. yummy!

/Homie J



I am in Barcelona. Sònar starts Tomorrow. I will try do make a great blogpost tomorrow!

/Homie J



11th of June is the last THE EYE night ever. Damn I've never got a chance to visit. but maybe maybe I have a chance this summer to see them, ok just rubbles but still a bit of THE EYE. Maybe they will perform on TÄKKNO in Örebro, time will tell!

/Homie J

Tiefschwarz - Chocolate

Tiefschwarz first full-length since their "Eat Books" Album from 2005, is in my opinion good. It is kind of dark and dub influenced and it is never getting boring. The Vocals is mystical, slow and a bit creepy but very tasteful, just like... Chocolate.


Immer 3/Freiland Klaviermusik

I mentioned a couple of days ago that I was excited about the two kompakt releases by Michael Mayer and Wolfgang Voigt. Maybe to excited because they did not meet my expectations. ofcourse some of the tracks on the releases was pretty good. but if you want to listen to Michael Mayer choose Immer, his first mix-cd released in 2002. But do not mistrust, Tomorrow I am going to write what I think about the new Tiefschwarz album "Chocolate".

/Homie J


Marek Hemmann - In Between


Yes I know this is not a new album, it is about a year. released on the Imprint Freude am Tanzen.
The Album is Defensive but intensive and the red line seems to be a "building feeling" that works its way into you. It is perfect on a summer pre-party!

/Homie J

Making of, Cadenza Vagabundos


Michael Mayer - Immer 3

June 7th is a good day. Michael Mayer will release his holy mix CD on Kompakt. I have not got hold of it yet, but I can not wait to hear it. On the same day Kompakt is also releasing Wolfgang Voigt's Freiland Klaviermusik.



The Opening night is getting closer, and we have already confirmed one of our bookings (wich is a really good one!) But no one confirmed at the Opening Night though.I am really looking forward to this summer and this club because i feel that we are doing something that no one in Örebro have done before. Let us just hope that it turns out alright. I am a bit off at the moment, so be patience you music connoisseurs!

/Homie J


Martin Buttrich - Crash Test


when I listen to this Album I want to explode I want to dance I want to run faster than Usain Bolt. It is really really moving and after 2 minutes on the opening track I am stuck I mean really stuck! The best track I think is "I'm going there one day". Lovely from the beginning to the end, listen until your ears bleed.

/Homie J

Ramon Tapia

Ramon Tapia - Mi Esposa

/Homie J