Arvid Zimmer

Arvid Zimmer aus Neubrandenburg sent me this. "here is some DEEP hrhr dub tech stuff for you, hope you like it :) greets arvid" I liked it!


One of my friends told me this story. Now it's on RA, read about the abandoned amusementpark. It's a crazy story!


fucking dOP!

How come I the big blogger wasn't invited to this rooftop?

New Media Meeting

It's been a busy weekend so I am sorry that I haven't updated in a while!

/Homie J


Facade Printer

Yesterday I picked this funny guy up at Arlanda Airport, Facade Printer He's called. Today I am looking forward to see him in action. He was worried that the paintballs would freeze in this cold climate and that wouldn't be cool. Anyway New Media Meeting Festival all day!

/Homie J


Friend of a friend is my friend

Hello! I've been shoveling snow since tree am so I'm I am kind of exhausted. But "Fulast" friend Alexander Blacker sent me this little mixtape. And it's lovley! Listen and start follow him on Soundcloud!

Now I am going to eat my Pizza and then fall to heavily sleep. because I might have a gig on friday, yey!

/Homie J

P.s Soon 300 likes on the Facebook page thank you for the support!


"Everybody needs a hobby"

Taron Trekka

Taron is two nice guys who makes nice music but if you don't buy vinyls it's quite hard to hear all their compositions. but today when I visited my own iTunes and the Podcast page, I saw that Freude am Tanzen (the label Taron Trekka releases thier stuff on) had uploaded a Taron Trekka Podcast! So what I think that you want to do is to visit Freude Am Tanzen and start prenumerating on their podcast and download Taron Trekka's and then listen to it.

TO THE FREUDE AM TANZEN PODCAST PAGE! (The Taron Trekka Pod is number 7)

/Homie J


Homie J

Hello, I hope you have listen to the mixCD that i posted this morning! I want to tell you that I am playing this Friday first in a store called "Sportif Unlimited" between 19-22 and then in the restaurant part of "NH" for as long as I stand. I hope to see you there!

Masomenos - Balloons

I came across the Mix CD by Masomenos thanks to my friend Johan Påhlman yesterday. It is the best mix cd I have heard in a long time! So everybody who finds it give it a close listen beacuse it is insanely good!!!

woho! I hate Spotify, but I found the mix CD BALLOONS enjuy!

Good morning

/Homie J


Homie J

Hello I want you to listen to a thing that I am working on, It will only be avaliable for a couple of days. You make me happy if you leave feedback!

/Homie J