Cocoon - Compilation J

I am bad at blog-posting at the moment. Because of my bad Internet and my worse 6-15 work. I hope all of you who read this blog from time to time are feeling good. Last Friday was the opening night for mine and Louise Johansson's club Täkkno. David Ekenbäck's Performance was really good and I feel that we took Örebro and Satin to a new level. And we will continue at the same track the 16th of July when our second night takes place. The Guests is Göran Dahlström and Cazuma Mori, I have great expectations.

Sankt Göran:


at last I want to tip you about the newly released Cocoon - Compilation J, with The best of Cocoon.

/Homie J

P.s I will post more regularly onwards so keep visit this shy little blog!

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  1. Work and bad internet suck, but keep up the good work - your music tips are greatly appreciated :)

    Pantha du Prince live in 2 weeks, yay