Homie J's travel advices to himself.

I am loosing followers! and i don't know why, maybe because I don't do any interesting posts? SO what shall i do! I am going to make a little travel guide to myself because I am going to Berlin on Wednesday for about a week. The main reason is the transmediale festival but i am going to write about what i shall do besides spending time at the festival.

I Arrive in the morning at wednesday and the first thing to do is to meet up with my friends at Kienitzerstraße and take a nap and drink the lovely cheap German beer! I hope you're taking notes. Anyhooo on Thursday evening I am going to the Crime City Disco label launch at Kleine Reise to see Josef Jaktmark, Peter Power, Tobias Gullberg and Johanna Knutsson behind the decks!

Friday is a difficult night, I haven't decide where to go. Maybe see Red Robin & Dirty Doering at Astra, maybe visit Arena, my friends had fun there last time they were in Berlin. If YOU know anything good at Friday night let me know!

on Saturday night there are many options, and I want to be at two places at the same time, i don't know how to handle that properly, Maya Jane Coles is playing at watergate and Margaret Dygas and Oleg Poliakov at Panorama Bar. tricky!

This time i will also try to see more of the city and find nice second-hand shops and maybe some black gold. So I hope for the weather to be a bit warmer than it is now.

//Homie J


  1. Maybe you should post more of YOUR music. Thats why I started following you.

  2. I promise i will, when I've done something that I can be proud of! thanks for following.