This Is Head, Interview

As I might have told you earlier I went to a concert with This is Head at Linköpings most enriching club JOHN DOE. After the concert I was all excited and drunk so me and my friend Christopher went to do an interview with the band! We started to talk to them and record the conversation. we had ten minutes with them and we managed to ask them three questions. well done!// Note from Christopher to himself: While interviewing, after asking a question, try to shut up.//But they were wery nice and the chat were really interesting!

That's a really hard question to answer because we all have wery different backgrounds with different musical influences. But something that can give you just a little clue about what we do and what we want to achieve is "Movie soundtrack kind of music".

I believe that the message is a good feeling and groove. That is really what it is, fellowship, connection and love. An Openness against the people whom we've done things together with like the Video producers or the remixers. We've told them to interpret it in their own way and to put their own imprint on it. People that we like and are good at something should have the opportunity to do that.

...After that we all started to let go of our focus. But one more interesting thing was discussed.

The Album Cover Art?
It's Simple(Enkelt). The Labels name is Enkelt("means Simple")(also Adrian recordings not to forget). The Picture comes from a flour bag We found in a French Bakery in Malmö. It's simple but still complex all the letters you need to write This Is Head is in it.

The Names of the tracks?
We got gigs so we hadn't the time to give them names, once again it's simple. On our next Album we're going to name our songs after the snacks we're eating at the time we writes it.

Thank you This Is Head for the fantastic performance, and thank you JOHN DOE for your brave booking. Thank you Christopher for the recording device and your presence.

//Homie J

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  1. Brilliant concert and a fitting interview to boot! Looking forward to another revelational entry.